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SLTB in 180 million scam amidst curfew

It has been reported that tenders have been called in order to obtain security services for the bus depots and other service centers belonging to Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) during the curfew.
Employees and trade union officials of SLTB have complained that the transaction is being carried out fraudulently without adhering to proper tender procedures.

The employees and trade unions of  SLTB point out that the SLTB cannot carry out a tender process for a tender worth Rs.180 million due to financial regulations and  constraints and only Ministry of Transport has the authority to do so.

A tender of such high value should be made public by advertising on news papers and government websites. However,a recently  promoted female official and a male official of SLTB have been behind the illicit tender process, SLTB employees say.

“I am not aware of any such incident. I also got to know through media. Send me details about this. However, an immediate investigation into the matter will be carried out. This cannot happen without the knowledge of the head office. ” Chairman of the SLTB, Attorney-at-Law Kingsley Ranawaka, said in a media briefing.

However, SLTB Chairman Kingsley Ranawaka has said that arrangements will be made to recruit security personnel for the depots and other service centers in the respective provinces.