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19th amendment removed in 8 weeks : Term of Presidency amended

It is reported that the 20th amendment proposal to repeal the 19th amendment to the constitution is planned to be presented to the second Cabinet of the new government.

It is said that the government has decided to pass it in Parliament within the next eight weeks.

The preparation of the legal documents required to carry out this constitutional amendment is currently underway, reports further say.

The government has also decided to draft a new constitution within two years.

It is reported that the new Minister of Justice Ali Sabri has already prepared the preliminary draft for the amendment to the current constitution.

With the repeal of the 19th Amendment, the 18th Amendment is due to go into effect.

However, it is reported that a number of key clauses are to be amended and the term of office of the President is 6 years as per the 18th Amendment.Reportedly, the 20th Amendment will limit it to 5 years (as mentioned in the 19th Amendment).

It is reported that the 20th Amendment also includes provisions limiting the number of times a person can run for the presidency to twice as included in the 19th amendment.
Reports further state that the powers of the Independent Commissions will also undergo a complete change.

It is also said that the appointments and composition of the Constitutional Council, which selects suitable individuals for high ranking government officials, will be changed.

The Constitutional Council and the Independent Commissions are in the process of reactivating the system established by the 17th Amendment to the Constitution.As a result the President will hold greater authority in appointing officials for such positions.

It is also reported that it has not been proposed to abolish the Independent Commissions completely.

Although the sections of the Right to Information Commission are planned to be kept unchanged, it is said that a number of special decisions regarding the Commission on Missing Persons will be taken.

It is also reported that the powers of the Police Commission, the Bribery Commission, the Election Commission and the Human Rights Commission are to be significantly amended.

With the new constitutional amendment, the president will be legally allowed to hold ministerial posts and legal barriers preventing persons holding dual citizens from contesting for elections will also be removed.