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Hanthana hills cleared for cardamom plantation

Environmentalists say that an 19 acre - area in the Hanthana mountain range in Kandy, is being cleared for a cardamom plantation.

It is said that the area is located in an eco-sensitive zone 3000 meters above sea level, in the Hanthana mountain range.

Reports say that this destruction is taking place under the influence of a powerful opposition politician in the Kandy district.

It is reported that this is happening under the influence of a powerful politician in the Kandy district who represents the opposition and that a company owned by the daughter of this politician has been clearing the area.

The Hantana Protectors' Union says that the area was being cleared since  Aug. 27.

The Hantana Mountain Range was declared an Environmental Protection Area (EPA) by the Gazette Notification No. 1641/28 of 17th February 2010 and the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has strictly prohibited the planning and implementation of development activities in the area above 3000 m without prior approval.