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Uncertain whether schools can be reopened as planned - GL

Education Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris today said that it is uncertain whether schools would be able to reopen as planned in the end of August or beginning of September, due to the prevailing coronavirus situation in the country. 

Addressing reporters, he said that the government had a clear plan to reopen schools and that they had intended to complete providing the second dose of the vaccine to all teachers and non-academic staff of schools before the end of this month before systematically reopening schools under several phases.  

“However, under the prevailing health situation it is uncertain whether this can be done in end of August or the first week of September.”

The Education Minister further said that within such a situation, online education is very important and that if teachers are saying they won’t do it and are withdrawing from online education, “who are they exacting revenge from?”.   

He said this would only adversely affect the students who are in desperate need of these facilities and not the privileged children.