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Son from family of actors, contract Covid-19

An actor hailing from a family of actors, has been tested positive for Covid-19.

He had displayed symptoms of fever after a teledrama shooting in Kandy and was admitted to a private hospital. He had been tested positive after a PCR test.

As a result, crew members of the shoot and the hotel staff where he was staying, had been quarantined.

Dancer at work on a Christmas channel

Meanwhile, the choreographer of the above mentioned teledrama had also been involved in the filming of a Christmas program at a leading local TV channel. 
Therefore, those involved in the TV programme too, had been compelled to undergo PCR testing, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns.

Actress also tests positive

Meanwhile, a popular actress involved in an ongoing teledrama too, has tested positive from the first PCR test, reports say.

She has been referred to another PCR test.

However, the shooting of the teledrama is continuing, reports add.